Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio

I began being a vendor at A Wool Gathering when I lived in Indiana.   I like to stay with the smaller venues as they are more accommodating to the vendors and the participants. This festival has grown, but still has the "small" feel, differing from some of the large venues like Convergence. 

A Wool Gathering has a lovely selection of fiber for spinning and felting, yarns for knitting and other needlecrafts, as well as fine art and a bit of something for everyone.  A Wool Gathering has a friendly feeling between the vendors and the participants which I like.  

I don't do many festivals and this is one I've decided to included as we visit family twice a year to see our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren and this festival just happens to be at the same time of year as one of their birthdays!  So, I bring my little trailer of handpainted fiber and yarns, handspun/handpainted yarns, as well as organic cotton yarn for weaving and knitting (and spinning fiber), and handmade items such as brass drop spindles and fringe twisters (made by my husband) and pottery and buttons (made by our daughter).  When I first started this business it was all colorgrown organic cotton,  I now have a booth full of color.

Here are some photos from this year's booth

ElmTree Pottery

Woven Organic Cotton items

Bamboo Yarn

Silk Yarn

Handmade Brass Spindles

A view of the yarn

Headband made with stretchy handspun yarn

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