Monday, November 5, 2012

Shawl Pins

These are the shawl pins I've been making with brass, pearls and gem stones. The brass is hand wrought and sometimes colored with heat.  I then lacquer them to keep their color. A little wax now and then keeps them looking great.  I've sold many of them so it's time to make some more!~ hurray! You can see the one on my scarf and I've found that pointing the "pin" down helps to keep it in place best.  These are the only ones left, so I'll get busy! This is actually an ancient Celtic design...I had no idea when making them...of course I've added my own dangles and shapes.
Plain Copper Shawl Pin on Scarf
2 inches by 2 inches

S shaped shawl pin with pearls, silver and turquoise
3 inches with dangle X 2 inches

curled shawl pin with pearls and turquoise
2 inches X 2 inches

Copper Shawl Pin
2 inches X 2 inches

Twisted Copper Shawl Pin
2 inches X 2 inches

Copper Shawl Pin with square iridescent pearl hishi and silver

Copper Shawl Pin with brass square and turquoise

Copper with Copper wire wrap
1 1/2 inches X 1 1/2 inches

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snowflakes in Organic Colorgrown Cotton

These are the towels and shawls I'm weaving lately in the colorgrown cotton yarn.