Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Snake Vertebrae Earrings?

These earrings are using snake vertebrae.  I think they look like stars or butterflies....just pretty cool.  I use gemstones.  I'm not real familiar with gemstones so I don't know all the names.  I know one is jade and one is a type of shell that's pretty special.  All the earring have hypoallergenic ear wires.  These are all $15 each

These have Chinese coins and I think they look really neat.  The one pair has brass backing and the other has flame painted copper

I'm learning to enamel and it's a new thing and I got really frustrated.  I did find out the torch head was not firing correctly...wasn't hot enough. It's still new and I'm not getting results to share yet.  But, with the frustration I needed to make something I knew so I did these cold connection earrings that I learned from Mary Hetts a couple years ago.  I'll share the enameling later!