Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Lines of Colors

The winds have been amazing, first blowing down the valley then up the valley bringing dust devils and cleaning out the old branches and leave in the juniper trees! The goal is to dye every dyeable skein and I'm just about there! The weather is finally cooperating...Great fun.  Come see me, the colors, and feel the scrumptious fiber in Albuquerque May 26-28th at the Fiber Fiesta.  It's at the fair grounds.
Just a little peek of  the line of color!

pun intended

Continental Divide Backpackers (north bounders) and New Friends

We found some Continental Divide hikers walking along our road and wondered where they were going to get groceries, a shower and internet.  So, we brought them home.  We now have some new friends that hopefully we'll be able to reacquaint again when they come to finish the trek.  The Gila Wilderness fire closed the trail, so Will took them around the area to Pie Town and found out they really do have pies!!