Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Studio is Here!!

Hopefully I've gotten the pictures of this event in some sort of order, included everyone involved and given a representaion of what "happened" today!! An amazing dream has been accomplished...from dream, to ground, foundation and now here it is. It actually looks like we had pictured it would. The copper roof fits nicely among the trees...not to shiny and coppery looking. We had a wonderful crew, Steve from down the valley, Jan and George from Silver, Bob and his helper from Alamogordo and Will and I. Jan and I played photographer.

Now for the grunt work...skylights, windows, insulation and walls. After the move a porch and side shed for a pottery studio. It will be wonderful to finally have everything in one place and actually know where everything is!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Studio

For the last 10 years or so my work has been taking over more and more of the family household. We recently decided to set up a studio. This is a little bit of the progression of this event. I will have an area for retail sales when we are all finished!

The great fall tree is right in front of where the shop is going to be. There are willows behind by the little river. Snow came and took all the color away! The snow covered the ground for a while and wood piles had to be moved. Foundations poured, then all smoothed out. We have been leveling a spot for a bit more parking. Building should arrive next week (of the 7th) if the weather permits...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spinning, Weaving, and a new interests! Metal work

Introducting Metalwork Designs by Chamomile Connection!
Copper, brass, silver and gemstones!


Spinning has been the thing that brought me into the world of fiber. I've been spinning for about 28 years. This is a skein of City Lights Polwarth from Rovings. I love Navajo plying it for the long color repeats. The Mikado gives a great variation when 2 plied. It is also the Polwarth from Rovings.



Organic Cotton became my passion quite a few years ago. This is a recent scarf that was woven with the houndstooth/huck pattern from 8 Harness Weaves by Stickler


Thursday, November 26, 2009


The Valley turned shades of yellows with the cottonwoods, rust reds, sage greens and deep browns. Colors asking to be dyed and woven. We had an early flurry of snow and cold that took the color, but left the rose. This is home.