Saturday, April 15, 2017

New Silk and Gradient Yarn Colorways

I do a lot of short run lots.  One of a Kind type thing.  I'll make 4-6 skeins in the same colorway so they match if making larger projects.  But I'm finding it very hard to duplicate the exact colorway a second time especially if there's been a lot of time between dying.  So, if ordering my yarn be sure to order enough for your project or talk to me about making the amount you need.

Gradient Yarn

I've been experimenting with gradient yarns.  These yarns change from one color to the next in larger lengths so you will get a design in your knitting, crochet or weaving.  This variation was dyed on a knitted blank. 

This gradient yarn is dyed from a cone of yarn without the plastic cone inside.  These are both made with an 8/4 rayon, which is light fingering to sport weight.  1680 ypp

Silk Yarn

This is a fingering weight silk that is made from multiple plies.  It feels just scrumptious.  These are different Purple/Blue/Wine variations.

Purple/Blue/Wine # 1
This one has more of the turquoise blue, which blends with the purple to make blue and then the puple and wine are working together just beautifully

This is the Wine/Blue/Purple Violet # 2 (SOLD)
This is a wine color with the turquoise and a blue with the purple/violet
 so it just has a it more wine than purple really

Purple/Blue/Red Wine  #3
This combination has a redder wine color with the purple and the two blues