Sunday, June 11, 2017

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta 2017

My booth at the AFAF.....I have more stuff than I thought!!!

Fiber, yarn, soap and jewelry all my husband Will's brass spindles and fringe twisters

The front right is all sold as well as the silk cocoon sheets

Jeanne shared the shrug she made from my yarn
Thank you!  Hope you don't mind being on my blog!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

New Silk and Gradient Yarn Colorways

I do a lot of short run lots.  One of a Kind type thing.  I'll make 4-6 skeins in the same colorway so they match if making larger projects.  But I'm finding it very hard to duplicate the exact colorway a second time especially if there's been a lot of time between dying.  So, if ordering my yarn be sure to order enough for your project or talk to me about making the amount you need.

Gradient Yarn

I've been experimenting with gradient yarns.  These yarns change from one color to the next in larger lengths so you will get a design in your knitting, crochet or weaving.  This variation was dyed on a knitted blank. 

This gradient yarn is dyed from a cone of yarn without the plastic cone inside.  These are both made with an 8/4 rayon, which is light fingering to sport weight.  1680 ypp

Silk Yarn

This is a fingering weight silk that is made from multiple plies.  It feels just scrumptious.  These are different Purple/Blue/Wine variations.

Purple/Blue/Wine # 1
This one has more of the turquoise blue, which blends with the purple to make blue and then the puple and wine are working together just beautifully

This is the Wine/Blue/Purple Violet # 2 (SOLD)
This is a wine color with the turquoise and a blue with the purple/violet
 so it just has a it more wine than purple really

Purple/Blue/Red Wine  #3
This combination has a redder wine color with the purple and the two blues

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Yarn Ideas

Gradient yarn and longer color areas of wool and silk yarn

Green Moss 3 colors Washable Merino Fingering, 4oz/400 yards

2 skeins for socks or? 3 different colors repeated washable merino 2ply 400yds/200 each ball
Mulberry Silk Yarn in gradient colors.  There is more variety than is pictured.
fingering weight 540 yards/100gr

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Living Space

The clutter of this room depicts a place 
Neglected colors hues and earth tones laid 
Aside for contemplated use. Baskets 
Of conventional stuff set in odd places, wheels 
Half full with yarn that's dangling into the fuzz. 

Oak baskets made by my own hands and that 
Of the master craftsman grace this room's disarray. 
Dried flowers yarn and seed await their destiny 
Of useful purpose garden loom or wheel. 

The state of clutter reflects my mind I reach 
For glories neglected long ago. The tasks 
Once left in search of knowledge laid temptingly 
Before me by skilled hands far greater than mine. 
And peace far stiller than any I had had. A home 
Left in disarray far greater than my mind.

by Lynnae

 - long ago....needs a bit of updating, but
still pertinent

Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm trying something new...working in Silver

This is from a Craftsy class with Robyn Cornelius

I'll see if I can upload my dragonfly

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Snake Vertebrae Earrings?

These earrings are using snake vertebrae.  I think they look like stars or butterflies....just pretty cool.  I use gemstones.  I'm not real familiar with gemstones so I don't know all the names.  I know one is jade and one is a type of shell that's pretty special.  All the earring have hypoallergenic ear wires.  These are all $15 each

These have Chinese coins and I think they look really neat.  The one pair has brass backing and the other has flame painted copper

I'm learning to enamel and it's a new thing and I got really frustrated.  I did find out the torch head was not firing correctly...wasn't hot enough. It's still new and I'm not getting results to share yet.  But, with the frustration I needed to make something I knew so I did these cold connection earrings that I learned from Mary Hetts a couple years ago.  I'll share the enameling later!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Earrings

These are the new earrings I have and I have more planned.  Most of them are very reasonably priced.  If interested in a pair be sure to email me.  I'll number them.

1 - Old found metal rusty cap with turquoise and heishi and a little steam punk

 2 - pretty metal behind a pretty ornament

 3. again pretty metal behind a pretty ornament

 3 - Old metal found object with Old Roman Glass

 4 - Pretty metal behind an pretty lovely leaf

 5 - Swiveling gems and copper

 6 - Swiveling gemstones, hishi and hearts

 7 - Small brass drop spindles

8 - Brass gemstones and curlie copper 

 9 - Swiveling gemstones, turquoise, Michigan rocks and snake vertebrae

 10 - Beer bottle caps, love elephants

 11 - Beer bottle caps with bicycles

 12 - New Mexico Zia beer bottle cap

 13 - Gemstones and Snake vertebrae

 14 - Italian beads and brass bell

 15 - Raku beads with silver and copper

 16 - Copper leaves

 17 - Green leaves

 18 - Copper the tree of life and turquoise

 19 - Hummingbirds turquoise and metal beads

 20 - Fire painted copper necklace

 21- -Raku and jade

 22 - Swiveling rocks and gemstones

 23 - Brass covered leaves

 24 - Brass squares and jade

 25 - Fire painted copper rings with gemstones