Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall in the Mimbres

We've had a great autumn this year. The valley is wonderfully green with rains nearly everyday in July and August and periodically in September. I have "chamomile" growing outside my studio!! We made a little garden at the east end and have harvested zucchinis, have climbing beans for shelly beans, and lots of sunflowers. It's been a great creative space!

The Mimbres Valley Harvest Festival was this past Saturday. I met a lot of people from the valley and visited with many friends. I found quite a few spinners and weavers that need just a bit of encouragement to begin "playing" again. Next is Kathy's Tucson Wool Festival in Arizon, Nov. 6th. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces! I'll have more of my hand dyed rovings and yarns available this year, plus I'll be bringing items I've woven for sale and handspun yarn.


Cone flower

These are the last of the hundreds of hummingbirds we've fed throughout the summer

roots and rocks
Studio Garden