Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's on the Loom?

The latest project is a 20/2 hand painted silk warp and dyed silk weft. This is a 4 shaft advancing twill scarf. It's coming out lovely and really something to keep on top of the treadling!!!

I'm always playing with colorgrown organic cotton. This is a towel or table runner....might even make it into a wider scarf...in a modified Star of Bethlehem pattern. I've used the olive green, sage green and caramel in the warp. For this particular piece I'm using dark green for the weft.

My rug loom is warped and working. I have two small rugs on already. I thought I'd use us the cut pieces I had on hand and cut the and dye the next colors as I want them.

Our daughter Annah makes fun creatures...these are my mascots cheering me on. I have some of my woven items on the second shelf and 10/3 pearl cottons and mohair yarn for sale on the 3rd shelf. the first shelf has some white pearl cotton in 10/2 I think and some sunbrella.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am busy in my studo!!

I've been filling this shop!!! There is a small sign on the road that says "Weaver's Cottage"...we'll need to make a larger sign soon. This one isn't too visible really. The clutter comes and goes. I am finding I need space to process orders...Will brought home a counter top that will fit beautifully. New warps on the looms and the fun continues!

Susan's double weave shuttle holder is in constant use...it looks great on the wall!

This is a wallhanging made by Jean for my studio!!! She used my curlie yarn...

Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike

Our friends Haruko, Sanae, and Midori recently visited. We only had 1 day so of course we took them to the Cliff Dwellings. It is amazing the ancient American influence in this area. We find pottery shards on our property with an amazing history. We are very humbled.