Saturday, February 23, 2013


Bangkok Air...great plane!
We flew from Phnom Penh to Bangkok then on to Chiang Mai.  We spent our time in Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas.

Thai Words:
thank you - ka pun ka or ka pun kup (masculine)
hello- swadi ka
yes or agreenment - ya

Mandy and I enjoyed a little cafe that really catered to X-Pats, but had great food and a nice place to sit and use the internet, visit and eat.  The Blue Diamond.

 Well fed fish!
a water fall and stream with coy fish
There are alters all over town, this one is in the courtyard of the cafe

The Old city of Chiang Mai was built as a protected city with mote, crocodiles and surrounding wall with gates.  The crocodiles are gone, most of the wall taken down, but the mote, corners and gates are still there.  You can see the old and new contrasting in the background here.

 this must be an excavation site protected under roof.  It's a large dug tunnel really.

lovely prayer banners and trinkets near the old wall corner
I just love the tree roots
walking bridge over the mote
orchids are grafted onto trees...lovely little parasites.

There are temples everywhere.  This one is by the Wororot market and really colorful with the dragons

There is fabric everywhere...a quilter's dream!  The shops are packed full of all kinds of fabric.  You basically wind your way through and try not to step on rolls of fabric that have been knocked over.

Chiang Mai Cotton...unfortunately I kept thinking I'd find it again and couldn't.  The market is HUGE

one little shop at the market on the outside of the 3 story buildings

Hilltribe Hemp fabric

The Tuk Tuks in Thailand are Taxis and a bit pricey

Standing wall near Thae Pae Gate

Bougainvillea a view from the balcony of our hotel/guesthouse

We took the Red Truck when in Thailand

The Red Truck...20 baht

Narrow streets and alley in Chiang Mai...nice because they are safe to walk day or night

One hot afternoon I wandered into a Lanna museum to get cool and found a great textile exhibit.

The museum was across from the Three Kings monument

This looks like the tool used by the Grandma when she was preparing the cotton for spinning on Silk Island

more soon.....