Monday, June 13, 2011

Organic Cotton (dyed) Towels I just finished

This is called Log Cabin...the squares look like they are going in different directions

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A New Friend

These little guys seem to be a bit rare it's fun to see one in the yard and fairly big!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Thank you for all your support.  Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta was a great place to share with people and sell my work!  I made new friends and bonded with several "sisters". I kept very busy all three days!!! Friday slowed a little, so I got to go see exhibits and run about a bit.  It's nice to be appreciated and be able to share the organic cotton yarns, fibers and woven items, as well and beautiful colors. It's fun to be so immersed in color.

We had a moment to spin while everyone was busy at the fashion show

  On the way home we met Robert, a CDT ~ continental divide trail hiker. He was taking refuge from the amazing blow you off the mountain wind at the top at Emery Pass. We are finding there is a need in our Valley for providing services to these hikers and we have opened our home and lives to these precious people.  We are becoming Trail Angels. We took Robert to the Trail head up hwy 15 to continue on to the next destination, Pie Town, and had to introduce him to our favorite homemade ice cream stop at Doc Campbell's. We saw how much had been burned and how close the fire came to the buildings.  Makes us appreciate the fire crew that much more!

New Friend Robert on the CDT
 Our son Jeremy is home for the summer working on the Forestry Fire Crew, he's done his 14 days on the Miller Fires and is home for the next 5 (I hope).  It's getting so he doesn't know exactly who he'll see when he comes back from a fire!  Last time it was Steph, Em and Drew on the CDT.  Our dogs are barky Australian Shepherds and all these new friends have been very calming (socializing) for them.  Will (husband) is putting on a metal roof and all help is appreciated
: ) thanks Jeremy! 
Jeremy home from the Miller fire
I'm trying to get my studio back together.  Took the opportunity while it was empty to clean the floor.  It looks much better.  As I unpack the Ashland Bay fiber I am going to be putting it on sale, buy 3 get one free.  I'm taking if interested check out my website and I'll direct you to the page....up and coming! Fun times!

These trees just looked so much more exciting on their sides...casting their reflections into the fish, huge frog and  tadpole pond