Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What do you do with small amounts of yarn?

What do you do with small amounts of yarn?  Yarn left on bobbins after a project?  How about a caplet!  Or scarf with different fibers.  

This is my most recent warp for a caplet:

This one is a bit out of focus....but I wanted you to see my warping 
technique.  I learned to warp back to front and with fragile or fuzzy yarns
 I believe it is the only way to warp a loom.  The yarns do tend to get tangles so I straighten them out, mainly pulling on themmove the lease sticks down the sliders on each sideand wind the warp on the back.  I tension the warp by pulling
on the whole mass and tightening it on the back beam.  
I also tighten it on the back beam after tie it on the front beam extension (stick).I use this technique for the fine unmercerized organic cotton yarns also.

Can you see the different yarns? They all shrink just about the same, but there
are several different types of accent yarns along with the rayon chenille.  Some are taken from extra bobbins, some chosen because they are a neat accent, but wouldn't want to do a whole project with them, and some I just have a little left so throw it in.
There is a little trick of shrinkage differential making the ruffle collar.

I'll added the finished caplet when it's finished.

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