Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tucson Wool Festival

We had a great time at Kathy's Unique Designs.  It's taken me a while to post...I have another festival coming up this weekend!  Yikes!...Kathy introduced me to Crazy Lace and I thought I'd post the scarf I made with this design.  Also some pictures of the festival and a handspun, handwoven ruana.

 Crazy Lace knit silk

The booth! 
 Mindy's handspun yarn and fiber
 My Friend Mindy
 Handspun and doubleweave ruana front
ruana back
          smaller windows silk scarf
Silk windowpane scarf


  1. I love your crazy lace. I sold my first one and have another almost finished, but now have to knit orders!

  2. wow, very nice scarf. The crazy lace reminds me of the cat's paw design in places.